The Job Of A Security Guard

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The job of a security guard is to ensure the safety of the area and people that they are hired to protect by actively patrolling or using security systems. There are certain locations that require for security officers to be armed just like many police officers. The job of a security officer can cause them to face many serious responsibilities on a daily basis. As a security guard you must always stay alert in case an emergency comes up (Palmer). Human resources must make sure that all of the new hires have their appropriate license in order to conduct business. Security officers need a D license which is needed for any individual who performs security services. The security office must own or be employed by a licensed Class B security…show more content…
To be a branch office you must have a class “BB” license which is necessary for each additional location of an agency where security business is actively conducted must obtain a class “BB” branch office license. Agency managers must have a class “M” or “MB” license for any person who directs the activities of licensed security officers at any agency or branch office. A class “D” licensee, who has been so licensed for a minimum of two (2) years, may be designated as the manager, in which case the Class “M” or “MB” license is not required. The manager assigned to an agency or branch office must operate primarily from the location for which he has been designated as manager. Each licensed location must have a designated, properly licensed manager and a licensed manager may only be designated as manager for one location. A security officer instructor needs a Class “DI” license which is for any individual who teaches or instructs at a Class “DS” Security Officer School or Training Facility, except instructors who are full-time faculty members and who teach exclusively for public educational facilities are exempt. For security officer school the person must have a Class “DS” license. Any school or training facility that teaches or instructs applicants Class “D” licensure must have a Class “DS” license except those schools that are exempt. Firearms
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