The Job Of A Social Worker

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I. Introduction The job of a social worker is not confined to one geographical area. As a social worker, one could possibly visit several different neighborhoods in a single week. Because of the vast variety of clients that a social worker may encounter, cultural competency and sensitivity is an important concept in this field of work. According to Garthwait (2016), a social worker “must be capable of recognizing, respecting, and accommodating differences while treating all clients with fairness and equality under the law” (p.110). The capability to understand a client’s culture, values, perspective, and life experiences is crucial in determining which services will best suit the individual. Every client is unique and needs to be treated as such. Thus becoming familiar with a community, a social worker can better assist clients with their needs. During Community Immersion, each group was assigned a community in which they were to assess. One of the communities visited was the city of Santa Monica. Santa Monica is encompassed in 8.42 square miles (Census Bureau). Its borders are the Pacific Ocean to the west, Centinela Avenue to the east, San Vicente Boulevard to the north, and Dewey Street to the south, as seen in Figure 1. Santa Monica’s residents may be known to lack diversity but the groups of people drawn to this city vary. In the most popular areas of the city, it is seen that the appearance and tourism are of importance to this community. This city is known for its
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