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The 3 job postings I choose to look at an IT specialist at Greater Houston Interventional Pain Associates in Bellaire, TX. An IT Desktop Engineer position at Northwest Community Hospital in Arlington Heights, IL. A Internet Systems Administrator at Lincoln Financial Group, locations in Greensboro, NC; Omaha NE; Fort Wayne, IN.
Each job involves support on a computer system, more specifically the IT specialist and IT desktop engineer have a focus on hardware and software components of computers, which I’m very familiar with. The internet systems administrator focuses on network systems and web infrastructure support, I am not that knowledgeable in network configurations and setup of the network. I know there is a lot of back end things,
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I have a great understanding in operating and troubleshooting the Windows OS. The internet systems admin requires knowledge in the Linux OS. I am very familiar with installing Linux and the basic functions of it, but I am not comfortable with saying I know how to troubleshoot and work heavily with a Linux OS. More specifically the position requires knowledge in two distributions of Linux, I’m only familiar with the basic Red Hat distribution, but I know of several other types. Understanding and operating Linux is important in IT especially in the Networking and web fields as a majority of those systems are run with Linux. Web servers and host a majorly run with Linux. Linux is vital to understand as there is note many people knowledgeable in it, however, it is a very challenging system to learn and something I need to practice at.
Expanding upon Linux, I have a strong desire to learn it. While at my internship at Harris, one of the people with whom I worked closely with was a master of Linux. It is a very intriguing operating system that is highly flexible. It has the highest security as its code is unique because it is open source, which allows for it to be programmed into any system. I have seen Linux based software used to hack into a computer, duplicate hard drives, and emulate systems.
The IT specialist requires some knowledge using the cloud services. I’m not sure if that includes knowing how to set those up services or making apps within those
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