The Job Of The Administrative Staff At Large Companies

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Have you ever stepped into a business and asked for an application or submitted you resume to company? Did you wonder if anybody was going to even look at it? How about once you were hired who was going to submit your pay for the week or ensure your medical insurance was started on time? This is the job of the administrative staff at large companies. They will be handling the paperwork that will get you hired. Accept your resume, Submit for the background check, schedule the interviews all in an effort to get you hired and all you did was show up. The administrative staff does not stop once you are hired they will continue to support you by ensuring your pay is correct and your benefits have started on time. In law enforcement they will also be the people that will ensure your certifications are up to date so you can continue to do your job on the streets. Law enforcement officers will make the arrests complete the reports and take the subject to jail if needed. They perform public safety programs and details. The law enforcement side will also have the duty of taking care of the suspects once they have been arrested and prior to conviction or release. In this paper we will look at the importance of each side of a law enforcement office and persuade you that the less known side of the administrative staff is just as important to the safety of the community as the officers on the streets or in the detention facilities. [Transition into body of speech]: I’ll begin by

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