The Job Of The Administrative Staff At Large Companies

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Have you ever stepped into a business and asked for an application or submitted you resume to company? Did you wonder if anybody was going to even look at it? How about once you were hired who was going to submit your pay for the week or ensure your medical insurance was started on time?
This is the job of the administrative staff at large companies. They will be handling the paperwork that will get you hired. Accept your resume, Submit for the background check, schedule the interviews all in an effort to get you hired and all you did was show up. The administrative staff does not stop once you are hired they will continue to support you by ensuring your pay is correct and your benefits have started on time. In law enforcement they
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The personnel activities involved in a large law enforcement agency are complex and a detailed structure and specific duties of each department is essential for a smooth operation (Nkomo, Fottler, & MacAfee, 2008). The human resource section of the support staff will need to handle a wide array of tasks for the officers that are working. This will range from coordination of recruitment for external as well as internal applicants, promotions/demotions, transfers, and retirement functions, up to date certifications needed to be in compliance with state laws, payroll and benefits (, 2014).

Support staff that is needed to run a department the size of a county sheriff’s office versus the number of officers is surprisingly high. The ratio of support staff to officers is 2.3 officers for each support staff member. The following chart will show the number of officers broken down by law enforcement and detention and the number of civilian support staff.

A sample break down of the job positions for the Hillsborough County Sheriff 's office is listed below. This will show the types of support staff needed. Filled Vacant Total Salary
Job Type U8708 Civil Claims Administrator 1 0 1 34.26
Job Type U8709 Deputy Chief Legal Counsel 1 0 1 71.68
Job Type U8710 Evidence Manager 1 0 1
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