The Job Satisfaction And Organizational Commitment On A Company 's Workforce Essay

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The primary subject matter of this case involves the job satisfaction and organizational commitment on a company’s workforce. The case depicts a firm’s concern about the value of individual motivation and their affective commitment to their organization. And this evaluated by using Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (1954), Herzberg’s Two-Factor Theory of Satisfaction (1959, 1968), Meyer and Allen’s measure of Organizational Commitment (1997), and Fishbein and Ajzen’s Theory of Reasoned Action and Planned Behavior (1975) that could make critical organizational outcomes to be best which are being negatively impacted. Introduction As many of IT services over world-wide, being one of the best in the field of IT services “Infosys Technologies Limited” has made its step towards the online services in order to serve the time-valuable clients. With continuous increase of client’s interest to move this hybrid service resulted in the raise workload for the company. Due to this reason the job satisfaction and organizational commitment of every individual on a company’s workforce plays a vital role. With the continual growth of hybrid service client’s as well as time-valuable work load, there is an urgent need of large scale of dedicated employees with high skilled, reliable and flexible to satisfy the need of the work. It is quite important to prepare and retain an employee who can successfully engage with clients or fully online environments. As the company is with highly valuable
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