The Johari Window And Bernes Function Ego State Model Of Self-Development

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Models of self-development and the value of personal therapy. Laura Edwards. Access to counselling day. Figure 1. CONTENTS PAGE. Page 3: Introduction. Page 4: Johari Window. Page 5: Eric Bernes, Ego State model of self-development. Page 6: How personal counselling/therapy can form self-understanding. Page 7: How self-understanding is key to understanding others. Page 8: Conclusion. Page 9: Bibliography. Introduction. This report will review and evaluate models of self-development and the value of personal counselling. Two examples of self-development models are the…show more content…
Eric Berne’s Function Ego State Model. Eric Berne, founder of Transactional Analysis believed we have three ego states consisting of Parent, Adult and Child. Figure 3: Eric Berne Ego State Model. The Parent Ego State consists of behaviours, concepts and feelings that are imitated from our parents, or other parental figures. The Adult Ego State describes our abilities, behaviours, feelings and thoughts that are the direct response to the 'here and now'. The adult analyses and understands the rules that have been imprinted on us, along with feedback from the parent and child ego states. The Child Ego State, is the state in which individuals behave, think and feel childlike. For example, is someone is too needy or too clingy, like a child, they probably aren't aware that they are acting in a state of emotional regression, like a child would do. If you are aware of ego states as a counsellor, you may see how a client may get themselves into problems by the way they unconsciously represent themselves. If someone is too needy or clingy – like a child, they may not be aware they are doing this, and are sending signals to others to treat them like a child, then feeling upset because people don’t take them seriously. If the counsellor knows this, then they have more of an understanding of how the client feels. The value of personal

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