The John B Watson 's Life

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` John B Watson

In 1878 John B Watson was born to Emma and Pickens Watson. A poor family in Greenville, South Carolina, his mother was very religious. John 's father, with whom he was closer, did not follow the same rules of living as his mother. He drank, had extra-marital affairs, and left in 1891. Eventually John married Mary Ikes whom he met at the University of Chicago. Together they had two children, Mary and John. And, like his father, had affairs with a number of women. John and Mary finally divorced and he married one of his graduate students, Rosalie Rayner They had two more children, James and William. John focused much of his study of behaviorism on his children. After Rosalie 's death, his already poor relationships with his children grew worse and he became a recluse. He lived on a farm in Connecticut until his death in 1958.

The absence of his father took it 's toll on John. He rebelled against his mother and teachers and turned to violence. John was able to turn his life back around with the help of his teacher, Gordon Moore, at Furman University. With Moore 's help, John was able to succeed and moved on to the University of Chicago. It was there that he became interest in the field of comparative psychology and studying animals. He wrote his dissertation about the relation between behavior in the white rat and the growth of the nervous system. In 1903 he received his doctorate and later became an associate professor of psychology at Johns Hopkins…
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