The Joint Commission Is A Self-Governing, Nonprofitmaking

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The Joint Commission is a self-governing, nonprofitmaking organization that accredits and certifies over 21, 000 health care organizations, hospital, and programs in the United States. The body was formed in 1951. Since its creation, the organization has been working relentlessly to augment healthcare for the people of U.S. and have continued inspiring healthcare organizations with an aim to promote and advocate for quality as well as value in the healthcare ("About The Joint Commission | Joint Commission," 2016). Joint Commission creates performance standards for certification and accreditation programs that healthcare organizations and hospital facilities are demanded to pass to get accreditation from the body. These standards are…show more content…
The Joint Commission is the oldest and largest body mandated with the job of setting standards and accrediting health care organizations in America. In addition, the commission has two affiliates that likewise focuses on improving the care quality in the United States: The Joint Commission Center for Transforming Healthcare whose main objective is to solve problems relating to safety and quality of healthcare services in America. Joint Commission Resources, which emphasizes on providing educational and consulting services, and publication associated with improved quality of care ("About The Joint Commission | Joint Commission," 2016).
The commission normally employs modern approaches to assessing health care facilities and hospitals as well as collaborating with the healthcare professionals and organizations to embolden the providers of healthcare to exceed or meet the expected quality of care. The Joint Commission seek to enhance health care for U.S. Citizens, by collaborating with other relevant stakeholders, by assessing healthcare facilities and motivating them to excel in offering

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