Essay on The Joint

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Julie was perfect. She was smart, popular and pretty. Her naturally blonde hair was professionally styled at least once a week and her size eight figure was always gloved in designer labels heard of only in magazines, brought for her on Daddy’s credit card. She was involved within the school teams and clubs, including gymnastics and dance, as well as all of the social clubs and school politics. Jen was far from this. She was what would be referred to as “bad”. Her dyed black hair that was worn so that half of her face could not be seen and she always wore uniform black. She was the kind of person that rarely made an appearance at school, let alone at anything extra curricular. She spent her…show more content…
After the first day of skiing, neither Julie, Dom nor Brian wanted to leave their friends. Jen, who had no friends that had come on the holiday, was busy having a smoke out of the window with her Walkman turned up. She didn’t hear Mr Bowdon, their incredibly strict PE teacher come in to the chalet. “What do you think your doing, Ms. Parker?” Mr. Bowdon shrieked red with fury. Jen turned off her Walkman and spoke. “What does it look like I’m doing?” She said sarcastically. “It looks like your trying to get yourself banned from the slopes,” Mr. Bowdon remarked snidely “What do I care? Skiing is mind-numbingly boring; I only came to pick up some cheap smokes and booze!” Jen laughed, “Besides, where are the princess, the jock and the geek that I have to share this place with? I bet there with their friends and its after eight! So, instead of wasting your time with no-hopers like me, why don’t you guide them into doing the right thing, isn’t that what you say your job is?” Her words oozed with contempt. Mr. Bowdon looked at her but she stared him out. Eventually he turned and went in search for the others. For the rest of the week, Mr. Bowdon kept an eye on all four of them and caught them out many times. By the second to last evening, he had
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