The Joker 's Ultimate Villain

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There is no shortage of villains in the world of films but the ultimate villain has to be the Joker in The Dark Knight. Batman and The Joker 's character traits isn 't what makes them so vastly different, it is their perspectives and the way they use that cleverness both of them possess. The Joker’s madness is not limited to gun power because the Joker’s most effective weapon is his evil mastermind. When one first catches a glimpse of the Joker, fright will surely ensue. The Joker’s clown like appearance taps into many childhood fears and his scars trace a sinister smile upon his face leaving one to wonder what the man behind the makeup is smiling about. There are several reasons marking the Joker as the supreme villain. The Joker’s genius and disregard for his own safety are some of the elements that contribute to the recipe for the most malevolent villain. The Joker and Batman are clear enemies and both are clever in their own ways. The Joker’s genius stems from his creativity and ability to use his victims own emotions against themselves. The Joker’s brilliance is revealed in several scenes throughout the film. One of the most memorable moments from the film is when the Joker interrupts a meeting involving the various gangs and criminals that inhabit Gotham City. The Joker performs a “magic trick” and transforms a simple pencil into a murder weapon. The Joker stabs a pencil into the desk and proceeds to make the pencil disappear into the skull of

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