The Jolly Corner, By Henry James

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Henry James originally published “The Jolly Corner,” in 1908. He was a master in short stories and novella. “The Jolly Corner,” was about a man who once lived in the United States and migrated to Europe to pursue the love he once had for art, and reject a life in his family business. “The Aleph” later was published by Jorge Luis Borges in 1945, he wrote a story about, an aspiring sphere that, the author 's character, Carlos had in his basement, that allows one to see all places in the world at all at once. Although these were two different stories they both had many similarities and differences with theme and symbols.
“The Jolly Corner” written by Henry James, wrote about Spencer Brydon, who left the United States when he was younger, to pursue his career in art and writing short stories, instead of staying and helping run his family business. On Spencer return, to the United States, the text mentioned that, Spencer found many of his family and friends was no longer alive; moreover, he found that the people and environment had drastically changed. The economic growth of a new industrialized society had resulted in the removal of older buildings and welcomes the new infrastructures, making it hard for Spencer to recognize his neighborhood. Another part of spencer pass also reappears; Alice a long-lost friend, she was the only person that took time to update Spencer on everything he missed out on throughout the years.
Throughout the text, Alice accompanies Spencer as he…
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