The Jon Lennin Xperience: A Short Story Of Video Game Addiction

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Video Game Addiction
Video Games immerse the player into a completely different world whether it is a first person shooter or a virtual reality headset. There is something attractive about getting away from the real world and experiencing something out of the ordinary. Take the short story, written by Rachel B. Glaser, “The Jon Lennin Xperience” as an example. The main character, Jason, has a younger sister who is constantly playing a virtual reality game where she is dating Kanye West. Jason eventually is sucked into a similar game where he plays as John Lennon. The game engulfs him and he becomes addicted. He spends more and more time on the system and enjoys it more than real life. Video games can be fun and relieve stress, but when played
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This is exactly what happened to Jason. In a research study done by Jeroen S. Lemmens, PhD, and Stefan J.F. Hendriks, BSc, they investigated the problematic issues that were related to playing online and offline games. They recorded how many hours people played video games and then they were ranked. They also took under consideration what kind of games were played, whether it is an online game or multiplayer. They found that, “Virtual online worlds can provide players with a community where lonely gamers with low self-esteem and diminished social skills may avoid their real-life deficiencies through virtual social contacts and achievements” (Lemmens and Hendriks 270). Jason’s social skills diminished as he kept playing The Jon Lennin Xperience. It is obvious they diminished when he kissed Jessica and ran away instead of just holding her hand and still hanging out. He needed to get back to his room as soon as he could to play the game. He avoids going out into the real world so he can spend more time playing. He even is not eating as well because he prepares quick and small meals instead of taking the time to prepare a proper meal. This is what happens to people who become addicted to video games. It is hard to focus on other things that are not the game you are addicted to. When you spend so much time inside alone playing video games for an
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