The Jonas Fletcher Story

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The Jonas Fletcher Story Jonas Fletcher was a man who could never sit still, and do what had others wanted of him. Born into a wealthy family, all of his needs and desires were available. The decadent lifestyle of his family was something he loathed and despised. They had their money from one of the largest companies in the defense industry. Jonas inherited the business when his grandfather died, much to the fury of his family. He sold the assets of the company and kept some things for himself. His family refused to abide by as he ruined their livelihood. Once the subsequent lawsuits were over, all he had left was a few bucks, some weapons, and a submarine. One day, he gathered his former employees. “I must apologize for what has happened. We will go out and attack the corrupt,” he told them. Jonas stood in the control room of his submarine. He exited and started towards the conference room. Upon arrival, he turned the lights turn on, and six men wearing matching suits entered the room after him. A minute passed, and David Webb the second in command and his closest confidant walked in. “Gentlemen, we have done the impossible. We have reached our goal of one-hundred-million dollars. Now we need to find a non–extradition-treaty country with the best tax laws to spend our lives in luxury.” The men stood up, saluted Jonas, and left the room. Webb stood up, went over to the front of the room, and took a seat next to Jonas. “How do you want to do this?” “First, let’s look for a
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