The Journal Of Negro History

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What I am analyzing about this research paper, I am going to talk about the African American Culture and the story am going to bring up is called "Everyday use" and an Literary Criticism called “The Journal Of Negro History”. First am going to talk about “Everyday Use” which it talks about a character girl name Dee saying she is reclaiming her heritage but she really actually rejecting it more violently than ever and by doing that she doesn 't see how important her family culture is. On the next story “The Journal of Negro History” it talks about how the studies of African American Life and history and basically it mean that it really important to know your family heritage. During a fifty-three year span, on 1920-1973, Charles Harris was one of the most highly revered and a respected speaker. In his background in education, history, labor, and religion provided him a world-view of African-American life and culture which placed him in demand throughout the country. He wrote many of his speeches in a long hand and often delivered them from his draft. His speeches reflected a message, usually proving a glimpse of our heritage and what as an African American needed to do in order to better our lives.

Brusseau 2 He believed in peaceful solutions and dedicated his life in forging the use of facts and truths in preserving…
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