The Journal Of Traumatic Stress

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Connie Shotts

In the Journal of Traumatic Stress, the article “Stress Among Young Urban Children Exposed to Family Violence and Other Potentially Traumatic Events” by Cindy A. Crusto of Yale University School of Medicine, Melissa L. Whitson of the University of New Haven, Sherry M. Walling of Fresno Pacific University, Richard Feinn of the University of Connecticut Health Sciences Center, Farmington, Stacey R. Friedman of the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER), Jesse Reynolds of the Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center, Mona Amer of the American University at Cairo, and Joy S. Kaufman of Yale University School of Medicine takes a look at traumatic events experienced by children
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Psychologically, they have experienced hatred for themselves as well as loss of trust within their community, their moral values and ethics are lacking, as well as a breakdown of security and reality in general. This is known to cause vulnerability to traumatic stress illnesses and other related behavioral and academic abnormalities.
Child maltreatment such as physical and/or emotional ill-treatment, sexual abuse, neglect, intimate partner violence (IPV), household dysfunction such as mental illness, alcohol/drug abuse, and criminal behavior are all family-based traumatic events which place the children at a higher risk for exposure.
Children who witness single extreme events or those who suffer from chronic exposure to this type of stimuli require mediations to mend the cognitive, emotional, and physiological damages caused by violent acts. Interventions aim to create a climate in therapy that allows the child to learn how to cope and continue healthy growth. This is made possible by a therapist who understands children 's unique reactions to traumatic experiences, and who will be empathetic to the child. The therapist should have experience working with children who have been subjected to different forms of violence and be sensitive, mature and stable themselves. This person should represent a safe, nonviolent place for the child.
Connie Shotts

Everything stated above is accurate and should be considered, however I believe this
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