The Journey At Jet 's Pizza Parlor

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I was working the late shift again at Jet’s Pizza Parlor. It was 10:46, 15 minutes till my shift ends, when my boss got a phone call. I was finishing up cleaning the countertops, when my boss came in and told me I needed to make a delivery. He didn’t tell me much other than our model, “We deliver anywhere.” So I paused my work and picked up the two small pizzas from the front desk and did what I was told. I walked outside into the chilly October night. I hopped into the car and tossed the pizzas in the back. I had just gotten promoted last week; the other guy had quit. I turned the car and glanced at the address, punching the numbers into the GPS and taking off. The GPS took me to the main road, interstate 94. I was only on the interstate for about 7 minutes when the GPS suddenly took me into the rural part of town. Before long I was traveling on a pitch-black, narrow dirt road surrounded by dense forest. It was late and I was tried. My boss had told me I could go home after my delivery was done and that’s all I could think about. A couple of more miles of passing nothing and I would be done. I started to slow the car down as the GPS pointed the way to the house. It was dark and I could hardly see anything as I came to a stop. The GPS had reached its final destination. In front of me was a dark dirt walkway that led up to an old creepy house that looked like something from a horror story. Thinking that my boss had given me the wrong number, I double-checked the address and
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