The Journey

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The Journey The short story ”A Journey” was written by the Irish writer, Colm Tóibín and was published in 2006. By analyzing examples from this text, this essay will first and include a characterization of the narrator Marry; secondly Marry’s relationship towards her son David and their relation to Mrs. Redmond. Thirdly comment on the title of the short story, and finally, a discussion of Andrew Sean Greer’s text “The story of a Marriage” and Paul Mathey’s oil painting will follow. The narrator faces several problems of life, such as her relationship to her son David, and the guilt she feel towards him. The narrator is a woman called Marry who is married to a man called Seamus, and they have a son called David. Marry and…show more content…
David does not answer when she tries communicating with him. “David had refused to sit in the front seat beside her and would not talk to her” (page 3, lines 33-34) this illuminate that he does not want to bond with her. But it does not stop her from trying to communicate with her son; she wants him to stay at home even though she feels uncomfortable in his presence “if the silence made him comfortable, as it made her uneasy and weary. (page, 3 lines. 36-38). Yet the relationship develops from when she picks David up, till they arrive home. The development shows through the conversation, David start answering her questions, he gives her a cigarette, and a smile, moreover he asks about his father, when they are about to arrive, “Is he in bed all the time? David suddenly asked her” (page 6, line 126). The analysis can be discussed in relation to Andrew Sean Greer’s text “The story of a Marriage”. The poem can be related to the relationship between mother and son. She has realized that David has got a depression; she refers his depression as the silence, she has seen it all, and has finally accepted it. Another perspective is the oil painting “Interior with Woman and Child”. The picture could illustrate how David felt, when he was younger, which was neglected, ignored, alone and
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