The Journey From Planning For The Execution Of The Fundraiser

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There was much to learn from the collective process of this group project. The journey from planning to the execution of the fundraiser was an interesting one. There were numerous moments where we learned a lot, which were meaningful to us and will probably stay with us for a long time, which were rewarding and gave the group a sense of accomplishment and at the same time there were moments when we were frustrated and felt like everything was failing. Even after this memorable journey of ups and downs we successfully organized the fundraiser and learnt to work as a group. After this management project our group as a whole understood what Clark really stands for: “Challenge Convention, Change Our World.” In a cliché way, this is true. There are many business schools that have the sole purpose to push their students to become Fortune 500 CEOs or millionaires but Clark focuses on putting a social welfare spin into their business programs, which we truly appreciate even more now. This project has motivated us to contribute even more to society and to integrate ourselves into the community. Some of us also want to work in a non-profit. This project inspired us to work for non-profit organizations and to continue to work hard to be a successful businessman/woman, but also a compassionate person in society. Working for this project helped us learn a lot of soft as well as hard skills. It helped us develop a discipline of keeping group members updated about the current situations

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