The Journey Of 7000 Miles

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Writer’s Commentary: The Journey of 7000 Miles (Meseret Beyene) My purpose for this digital story was to learn as much as possible about my mother, there a lot of things that my mother has experienced in her life that I’m not aware of, and this project gave me the opportunity to learn some new things about my mother’s life. One thing I tried to accomplish through my digital story was to show the path my mother took in life to be successful, I tried to showcase how there were a lot of tough moments she had to deal with in just coming to the United States, and the difficulties she faced once she got here. The audience for my digital story is my UWRT class, one thing I kept in mind while creating is to initially grab the audience’s attention immediately so that throughout the story the interest would be high. I hope they give a positive response, I worked hard to make sure the audience would enjoy my story from the beginning to the end. They will experience it in a movie format with a slideshow of pictures along with continuous narration throughout, the narration will influence the understanding of my story. I tried to narrate the story in a way people can understand the hardships that my mother experienced in coming, and living in the United States. The narration could also hinder the understanding of my work, if for some reason someone can’t understand what I am saying it will be impossible to understand the story as a whole. I would describe my digital story as something a

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