The Journey Of A Successful Life

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The children slowly board the nostalgic buses and drove to the fields. She waves farewell, and once more glances at each of the children, knowing that one day she will never see them again. She hopes that each and every one of them becomes successful in life. A successful life they were not given because of poverty, language barrier, education, care, health, and a need of a second mother. She packed them the tools of life, education, emotional help, food, and love. This mother is Corrien Mateo, a graduate of Illinois State University, and a proud advocate for her students. One October day in 1970, in Darien, Illinois, Corrien Mateo came into the world. Corrien grew up a middle class child in the Southern DuPage County, and never encountered a person of a different race. “I grew up in a white neighborhood, school, and family, it was not till middle school when I first saw a kid of a different race,” she recalled. Corrien attended Hinsbrook Elementary School, and Eisenhower Jr. High in Darien, Illinois. “I was pretty mature for whatever age I was, so not many people associated with me, because of my social status,” Corrien explained. She could go without a care about being associated with, because she was quite an introvert at the time. Corrien’s curiosity escalated once she entered high school; diversity. Diversity was a trait the school had much of. Hinsdale South High School was “interesting” as she said, because of the amount of different races, cultures, and
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