The Journey Of A Successful Life Is Through Education

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A mind is terrible thing to waste, as we grow older the only thing truly assured is that the generation after will have to take over and lead. The nation we live in is fueled by a collective desire to want to do better than the year before. Those with children wanting to see their kids flourish and succeed. The path to a successful life is through education. As the world continues to push ahead class mobility is contingent on a good career. Where you can do your part or truly make a difference in the world. In order to reach the height we were meant to, promoting learning is essential. Especially the children of the nation. If we truly want to teach them what they need to know to survive and develop into the members of society we want…show more content…
Which is why, education has to be valued in the home in order for it to succeed at its most proficient levels in the school system. Parents are the primary learning source for their children, then school builds upon their already founded beliefs. Whenever a student does not graduate, or encounters a bump ranging from bad grade small to expulsion large the school is always blamed. However student’s parents have a vital role to play in leading the younger generation to a prosperous future, more than most teacher ever will.
Parents are the in charge of their children’s education until college under most circumstances. The expectations that they set are the goals their children usually either strive towards or overcome. Very rarely do I believe in a situation where promoting self-esteem in children when it comes to learning is a bad idea. There is a strong correlation between the parent’s views and their educational to their children’s educational outcome (Dubow, Boxer, & Huesmann 242). Which is why if parents do not demand student perform well in school, they usually don’t. Education level has a huge role in how parents lead their children. A veteran in the school system know how it works and that learning is never easy. These are the parents who believe their children’s intelligence to be more malleable, are more involved in their schooling. Staying involved with progress reports,
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