The Journey Of Becoming A Counselor

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The journey to becoming a counselor starts far before applying to graduate school. It begins even before the thought is realized. The development of one’s personality plants seeds that lead to many paths for growth. Stepping back to evaluate your own personality can allow for greater understanding that will aide you to fully discovering the path to take. When looking back at the development of my personality, I have to examine all of the factors that contributed to shaping me into me. My personality is competitive, trusting, empathetic, funny, introspective and even-keeled. Breaking down each characteristic deeper allows me to investigate how I came to adopt the trait. Competitiveness is an inherited trait. My father played professional sports and his competitive nature was ingrained in me from birth. Growing up with a ‘public’ figure as a parent is a unique experience. There is pressure to ‘maintain’ other’s perceptions and balance your personal motivation system with living up to what you think is expected of you. Perfection or excellence was never something that was my parent’s forced on me, but knowing that other people expected it of me, weighed pretty heavily on me. As a result of soft determination, I was enrolled in sports at age 5. The benefits of participating in sports are great. They teach you teamwork, accountability, how to face adversity and healthy competitiveness. I was fortunate to excel at soccer and played for a select team that was
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