The Journey Of Cultural Practices

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Framework Overview Although referred to as the “competing values framework” the mainstay of this theory is to recognize the many dynamics aspects it takes in managerial personnel to effectively operate a financially sound organization. Although sufficient in describing the four differencing administration styles, controller, competitor, creator and the clan leader, this framework limits itself by conflicting each value as independently working against one another instead of encompassing a wraparound approach as used in Public Health, seen in (appendix A) where more fluid dynamics interplay in both the internal and external aspects of the agency providing for more client-centered, population-focused, community-based services through well-matched system approaches. Of note, not one of the four identified approaches has been proven to be more effective than another, however in totality, much like an interdisciplinary team approach to services, when incorporated equally, each skill set complements the overall goal of the agency. Organizational Leadership The Journey of Cultural Practices in End of Life Care initiative is a program under the umbrella of public health and as such reports the stakeholders formed of by the Board of Commissioners. The program coordinator is the current hospice social worker who will instill a less formal style of governance, according to the by-laws of the agency. Unlike the hierarchal and marketing approach of public health, which focuses on the
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