The Journey Of God 's Work On Earth

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I have often talked of faith as a journey. Our journey consists of many turns and twists, hills and valley. This journey takes us closer and, possibly, further from a true understanding of God. One thing is certain on our journey of faith; we can never come to a full understanding of God. With God, there is always mystery. That said, the hope of our faith journey is coming to a better and deeper understanding of God. These last several years in ministry have led me to deeper experiences with and a deeper understanding of God.
One of the things I now understand about God at a deeper level is God’s propensity to use people in doing God’s work on earth. I knew this before my time in pastoral ministry, but in my ministry, I have seen this truth in action. I have watched as God used doctors and lawyers, children and adults, clergy and lay people to feed the hungry, house the homeless, and even offer compassion and care to those whose life experience told them no one cared. I have worked and ministered side by side with others serving as the hands and feet of God.
I have also come to a deeper understanding of God’s abiding presence – especially in our suffering. During this last year, North Wood has experienced more than its share of tragedy. One family’s experience helped me understand God’s presence and God’s “peace that passes understanding” in a way I had not previously.
Frank was diagnosed with a form of blood cancer in October of last year. He and his wife, Jeannie (chair…
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