The Journey Of Independence And Independence

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The Journey to Independence It was 11:54 PM, six minutes before my birthday was officially over. I sat in my darkened bedroom, silent tears streaming down my face, as I waited for a call or text from my friends. It had been my birthday for twenty-three hours and fifty-four minutes, and I had heard nothing from them. I lay in my bed, wondering how this had happened. Before I started high school, I was part of a close-knit group of friends that was nearly inseparable. When freshman year began, however, things changed. I was gradually pushed out of their circle as they started making new friends. In the beginning, I let it happen, thinking that they would eventually come back to me, but I realized that they were not coming back when they let…show more content…
I went along with it in the beginning, afraid that I would miss out on something unforgettable. But as their partying continued, they began to make new friends that I had little in common with. My fear of getting in trouble with my parents was much stronger than my desire to go to parties, which ended up alienating me. My friends and I were still on good terms, but the tension between us grew as our definition of “fun” changed. By the time Christmas break had rolled around, I was ready to take a break from school and celebrate the holidays, which included my birthday, with my friends and family. Unbeknownst to me, my fifteenth birthday would be one to remember in the worst way possible. I did not have high expectations for my birthday. I planned on having an easygoing day; my family and I were going to see a movie and have dinner at a restaurant of my choice. I was expecting some “Happy Birthday” text messages and Facebook posts from friends, a phone call from my grandma, and some kind of birthday surprise from my best friends. Before I knew it, however, my birthday was over, and I had heard from just about everyone except for my two closest friends. I was overwhelmed with confusion, sadness, and eventually, resentment. I began to think about how I had gone above and beyond to celebrate their birthdays. I had planned and hosted birthday dinners and parties for both of them, in addition to showering them with cards and gifts. How could my supposed
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