The Journey Of John Branson Reeve Essay

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Branson Reeve is now experiencing his prime years as a teenager. Throughout the next few years, he undergoes various situations and hardships, which all correlate to the twelve concepts of wellness learned during lecture. Soon after he turned 14, he tried out for multiple sports teams at school. Unfortunately, he did not make any of the times. I used this as an opportunity to help Branson Reeve set alternative goals as well as discover his strengths. He found that he enjoyed the field of creative arts, so he enrolled in several courses to partake in during his 9th grade year. The high school he is attending is much larger than the middle school he attended. The transition has made him more shy and cautious of his surroundings. Also, I have noticed that he is becoming more concerned with his image and following the acts of the crowd. To him, his clothes, hair, and shoes are of the utmost importance. At home, Branson Reeve has been displaying moody and irritable behaviors. His growth and appearance is altering daily. In addition, I have observed that he has been consuming mainly junk food, which could correlate with his changes in behavior. Lately, he has been arguing and talking back extensively about various issues, such as bedtime, curfew, and chores. I have found that it is best to let him calm down about the situation before engaging in a conversation. To my surprise, Branson Reeve and his friend had been saving up to get ear piercings. Despite his eagerness, I refused to

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