The Journey Of Literacy By Bill Gates

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Mohammad Eimal Jiddi
ENGWR 300 Tittle
June 26, 2014
The Journey to Literacy You might have read stories about one’s literacy, when they started to learn reading and writing, what challenges did they face, what opportunities they had, and their extraordinary stories to success. Bill Gates as an example, he had this family as a bridge towards his success. His journey to literacy started when his family sent him to a private school; one of those only schools of the time that had computers. His family fully supported him that made him who is today. Moreover, he was sent to the college where they had computers. He had the privileges of being financially supported, being born at the right time and place, and having opportunities. However, my story to literacy is completely different. I was born in Afghanistan, but when I was only one year old, we were immigrated to Pakistan because of civil war. There was no education for immigrants in Pakistan’s public schools. Therefore, groups of immigrants, like us, came up with the idea to open a school for the children; with no professional teachers, no professional environment, and no resources. I learned reading and writing from a group of people or parents struggling and trying to teach their future generations literacy, trying to teach us survive. I learned the most not from the books but from their own personal life experiences. I studied elementary school in Pakistan, secondary and high school in Afghanistan; yet another country
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