The Journey Of My Future Journey

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Looking back, who would have guessed something that happened four years ago would have made me the person I am today, but as well as helped me choose the path of my future career. Four years ago I had started my first retail job with the outstanding company Claire’s here in Sterling. Working at Claire’s I learned that there was so much more than just standing at a register checking people out, and piercing ears all day long. Theres projects such as floor prepping, meaning getting the store to look new and fresh so customers have more of a reason to come into the store and shop. As well as the customer service aspect of things, where you have to give full one on one attention to your customers to help fulfill there needs. However, there was a day I had finally got the opportunity to help with shipment with one of my coworkers during a morning shift. That shift led me to asking multiple questions about our brands, and how we pick out the brands that we sell, as well as who is in charge of making the call for everything that is provided to our stores. I knew I couldn’t have been the only person who wonders why the same company of stores get different product put within them. So after asking question after question, Joanna, my boss finally gave me some answers. Joanna had started off talking about the Claire’s Company and how it was started. She was telling me all the history behind it, and how in the beginning it was supposed to be a store for teenagers and older women,
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