The Journey Of My Life Essay

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Midway along the journey of my life, I pause to find myself in a darkened office, for I had wandered off from the studious path. The cold piercing glow of my monitor against bloodshot eyes taunted them with just how exhausted they had become. Projects that never seemed to want to work, grew more dysfunctional with every fix. The continued fatigue drove the temptation of distraction. Gazing out the window of my study I began examining the parking lot across the street. I began watching a figure fumbling between the cars. My mind began wondering how I would ever get my work done, I began wondering just how long I had until the sun 's unwelcome glow would fill my peripheral vision while I continued to clack away against a futile assortment of code. A loud wailing of a car siren, focuses me. Again out the window I see the figure now in a car with the alarms blaring. I watch intently waiting for them to shut off, they don 't. I stare blankly as the car starts driving down the nearby alley, horns echoing solely in the night. Listening while the horns become quieter and further away. I can tell what street they are headed down and I think of what I should do. Grabbing my phone, then second guessing myself. Staring at it waiting for it to call someone who can do something. After blindly observing my phone for what seemed like hours, I begin to realize it is too late to do anything. Before I know it my head lay on my desk. I keep telling myself that if I only close my eyes for a

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