The Journey Of One 's Life Begins And Ends With The Self 's Pursuit Of Personal Identity

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The journey of one’s life begins and ends with the self’s pursuit of personal identity, to answer the question “Who Am I”. The self attempts to sustain a stable association with its varying selves and the external world by constructing identities that are identified and explained through the roles, social comparisons, successes and failures, and judgments of others in one’s external environment. The self is highly focused on itself, how it presents its self to others, and the impressions it makes upon them. The interaction between self-concept, self-esteem, self-efficiency, and the external environment evokes an outward representation of the self in the social world in which frequently commands affirmation, recognition, understanding, and readjustment. Social settings affect self-awareness and discrepancies in the environment (social status, age, gender) inspire distinct behaviors lead by self-interests and biases. Because the self is focused on how it appears to others, it reshapes and redefines itself to fit various situations (Myers, 2010). Further understanding of the self is offered in the social experiences that have affected my personal development.
The Self in the Social World
An individual’s sense of self helps manage one’s thoughts and actions (Myers, 2010). Information that is processed in reference to the self is generally remembered better than information that is less personally relevant (the self-reference effect) (Myers). One’s self-concept includes the…

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