The Journey Of Phineus And Amara

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A rugged man named Phineus with hair as bright as the sun, pauses in his step, gazing into the fair maiden, Amara, beautiful face. Phineus glances down to the infant cooing in Amara’s arms, recalling the adventure that brought them both to this moment. Their story of triumphed over the sea God, Atrimpas, dates back to a time when the world was still forming, and Gods and monstrous creatures roam the earth. During a fishing trip, Atrimpas captured Phineus and his men. Once Amara heard the news, she pleaded with Atrimpas for their safe return. Captivated by Amara’s beauty and strength, Atrimpas agreed to release them, only if Amara agreed to become his bride. Phineus awoke several days later on dry land, hungry and thirsty, surrounded by his men. He learns of Amara’s deal with Atrimpas and returns to the sea alone to save his one true love.…show more content…
Against all the odds, Phineus freed Amara from her watery prison and defeated Atrimpas, dying in the process. In desperation, Amara weeps to the Gods to save her love. Believing her prays went unanswered, she prepared Phineus’s body for burial. She kisses his cold lips and from her kiss, his eyes suddenly open. The two soon wed and from their union, the first magical child was born. The people throughout the lands still commemorated this event-known around the world as “The Celestial Festival”-the day in which the Gods bestowed the world with magic as they all ascended to their kingdom in the
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