The Journey Of Rain Poured Down

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The Journey Rain poured down, creating small streams flowing down the sides of the street. A leaf lay along the surface of the stream of muddy water, struggling to stay afloat as rain continued to fall. The wind moved the branches of the trees so forcefully it was as if they were trying to escape the swampy ground. Her concentration was broken as the white mail truck came into sight. Andy had been peering out the window in the den for what seemed like hours waiting for her letter to arrive. The mailman carried a blue umbrella covering his bag full of envelopes. He looked rather young. He attempted to jump over the stream, but he missed, landing right in the middle making the leaf drown. His head moved around as he checked to make sure no one saw. After shaking his legs to try and get the water out of his shoes he headed up the stairs to Andy’s house.
Her hair was long and sandy brown and smelled of cherry blossoms with eyes like green olives that sparkled in the morning sky. She had skin as golden as the top of freshly baked biscuits. Being tall only enhanced her beauty. When she smiled you could not help but feel her joy. And her laugh, how could you forget her laugh? Andy came into this world with music in her mind and soul. The rhythm was in her heart. Music helped her escape from the world when the dark clouds came. The day she lost her father, the storms never seemed to cease until she started playing again. The violin brought her the wings to fly. When she

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