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The “Journey of Recovery” video was about a 46 year old man named Ted Thomas. Ted had been experiencing disorders of bipolar throughout his teenage years to adulthood, but he did not know he had a mental illness. Studies suggested that bipolar disorder occurs during adolescence, but does not get a diagnosis or treatment until later in life (McMurrich, Sylvia, Dupuy, Peckham, Peters, Deckersbach, Perlis, 2012). During his early twenties, he participated in a destructive lifestyle, drinking, drugs, and depression. These behaviors covered his main illness, which was bipolar disorder. After several years of marriage, and one son, he went into a stage of depression where he wanted to kill himself. He had two episodes a year apart, where he…show more content…
This type of intervention is called mindfulness-based interventions (Miziou, Tsitsipa, Moysidou, Karavelas, Dimelis, Polyzoidou, Fountoulakis, 2015). He taught himself the tools/interventions that were needed to help him get some type of normalcy back in life. According to Thomson and his colleagues, when a person is diagnosed with bipolar disorder, there is a dual struggle between this person’s mental health and physical health (2015). This was part of his quest to figure out how to balance the two and stay stable. He wanted stability back in his life for himself, his family, and his surroundings. First, Ted started to keep a journal of his feelings, emotions, thoughts, stressors, and problems. He wrote down key words, not really paragraphs in his journal. He knew this was part of his recovery, so he shared this journal with his doctor and the therapist. He did this every day for months. Secondly, he also made a schedule for daily routine activities. These activities consist of going to bed at the same time each night, changing eating habits, exercising, and hygiene. He knew by regulating these routine habits this will help him in the success of treating his bipolar disorder. It is proven by researchers that people with mental disorders can improve their symptoms while improving their health by improving their daily routine, physical activity, and eating habits (Thomas at el.,

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