The Journey Of The Day I Was Born

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Kymonica’s Journey
It all started March 8, 1979 the day I was born, I was back and forth from my mother and grandparents. When I was two I went to live with grandparents
Permanently, I was raised in the country on a farm. My childhood was amazing, my
Grandparents made sure I had everything I needed and wanted I was never
Neglected in anyway. I lived with my grandparents until I was 14, then I moved back with my mother I got my first job when I was fourteen on workers permit, not long after that I found out I was pregnant and I had my first child at age
Fifteen. Yes I was too young to be having a baby I was only a baby myself, but
Having my daughter turned my life around for the better and taught me how to receive love as well as love.
Having a child at a young wasn’t easy at all, she was born with asthma and we stayed in out of the hospital so much we could darn near own it Lolita threw me back a little in high school. I didn’t quit going to school, but being out with her so much pushed I back a half of unit shy of graduating on time. Two weeks before graduation during graduation practice they called me to the guidance office to tell me I was short a half unit to graduate and I had to come back for a semester to get my diploma it angered me so badly that I didn’t go back. Due to that I didn’t march with the class of 1999, as the years went by my grandmother got sick and died but before she died she made me promise that I would go back to school to receive my
GED. I did just
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