The Journey Of The World

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“We Spaniards know a sickness of the heart that only gold can cure” (Cortés). In the hustle and bustle of Fullertonellã in the 16th century; a small yet prosperous port city on the East Coast of Spain, a sister city of Barcelona, the towns people are busy preparing resources and supplies for the upcoming voyage to the new world. This voyage will be lead by Cortés and is expected to yield much gold, and other valuable resources.
I, Esmeralda Armstrong- de Castro, the daughter of a Spanish Noble and a British Duchess, though my life has been anything but glamorous. My parents were killed during a trip to France by thieves who not only murdered them but robbed them as well, which left me alone and penniless. I was raised in an orphanage and then at the age of thirteen began an internship with the local scribe who took pity on myself, and my circumstance. He taught me how to read and write and educated me in the ways of the world. By the age of twenty my writing and recording skills where prestigious and along with my noble birth I gained employment in the royal palace as an advisor and scribe to the Queen Isabella. This amazing opportunity came to me through hard work and dedication by striving to be the best, I found myself among the greatest people of our country. I’ve met Kings and Queens from around the globe, have recorded some of the most secretive and sensitive information pertaining to the military and politics of Spain, and was even in the room for the birth of a…
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