The Journey Presentation : I Was Scared

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Part#2 - GLS Journey Presentation:
In the beginning of the semester, I was scared because I didn 't know what to expect from this course. At that time, I was still getting used to the idea that I am not in Elementary school anymore. High school was very different from what I expected to be. I was still getting used to the amount of effort that needs to be put in a work, amount hours you need to study and do your homework and many more. I used to think that GLS is not going to help me academically and it just an unnecessary course. I use to sit and do nothing, I would do the assessment at the last minute basically day before. I would text and call people asking for help. Then later on I realized that GLS is one of the courses that helps you discover your study skills, tells you a suitable path that student should go to, career path, and many more. {Picture of the course outline; explains how confuse I was I had no idea what was going on.} {Picture of our very first assignment; explains that after our first assignment, I got the idea of what you have to do in this course, felt much better after I realized what we are expected to do.}
In the beginning of the semester, the first project that we did, was "Learning Strategies mind map." So, this was basically about getting to know about ourselves better. There were lots of things that I learned based on that. Things that I learned are: Multiple Intelligence, True Colors, Learning Styles, Brain Dominance. Paper Slide Video-…
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