The Journey Through Adult Life

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STUDENT DEBT — THE COBBLED JOURNEY THROUGH ADULT LIFE It is June 24th. The hallways are empty, the classrooms too, and all you hear in this university building is the calming buzz of an AC. But then the combination of cheering, chattering and clapping comes from the amphitheatre outside… and something becomes painfully clear — a graduation ceremony is taking place. Unfortunately, these liberated 24-year-olds won’t only be leaving school with a fancy diploma tied together, almost immaculately, by a string of memories in their hand. No, in front of them there isn’t a road of possibility and adventure paved with joyfulness and impulse, the road they’ll encounter will be a cobbled one with uneven depressions of debt and even more debt. Debt, that they may never be able to pay back, all because they were exercising a fundamental human right: receiving education. President Lyndon B. Johnson said “poverty must not be a bar to learning”, Obama said that “the single most important thing we can do is create a world-class education for everyone” and every other US president made all sorts of inspirational references to student debt as well, but at the end of the day they all imply the same thing: whether you are willing to smear charcoal all over your face and beg in central London or buy a $300,000 pen that George Clooney had touched merely out of boredom, you deserve the same chance of an education. It goes without saying that ensuring university prices stay affordable is
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