The Journey into the Mysterious Tunnel

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Over the busy highway, hidden in the forest of trees next to the cement pavement, over the black fence, down the grassy slope, there is a river. It is no ordinary river, rather a watershed that collects water from other places. Usually, the river is dry, but when I went to see it, there was water running to the diversion of what my friends and I are really here to see. What we are here to see is the graffiti art inside of the tunnel where the water flows into. As a result, I have found nature in an unexpected way.
I live in a small suburb city called Cupertino. Most people know Cupertino as where Apple Corporation is and in some cases, where there is high Asian ethnicity population. We have three police cars, but no police station and for a good reason. Most people go to Cupertino to either sight see the Apple Corporation or to get a good education. There are no gangs or anything like that, only Mexican immigrants trying to find some decent work to do. There is also nothing else in Cupertino that is interesting. When I found out that there is graffiti art in the tunnels underneath the highway in Cupertino, I had to see it.
The Journey It was a warm day with the vastness of blue covering the sky and the sun shining brightly upon the day. My friend and I met at another friend’s house to see the tunnel. We’ve been told to wear tennis shoes and bring flashlights. We followed him from his house to where the tunnel is; past the…

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