The Journey of Crazy Horse

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The Journey of Crazy Horse is a biography written by Joseph M. Marshall, III. It was copyrighted in 2004 and published by the Penguin Group in London. Joseph goes and takes a legend, and shows you that behind the legend of Crazy Horse that he was just a man, like the rest of us. But not only that, he shows us part of the way of the Lakota life during the life of Crazy Horse and how that had changed with the invasion of the whites. The story stars with a little boy born, who is the son of Crazy Horse. This boy is different from the others with the unusually lighter hair color, which gave him his name of Light Hair. This difference is a source of teasing from the other boys. In the early years of his life, we learn that not only is he…show more content…
After raiding the Snakes with High Back Bone his father bestowed a great honor to him, the name of his father, and his father before him, Crazy Horse. As his feats on the battlefield grew, so did his reputation and respect among the Lakota people. As Crazy Horse was raiding the Crows for nearly a month, the love of his heart was taken away from him by another. With his heart broken, it took a long time until he had gotten over it. His reputation grew to that Crazy Horse was getting recognized as a leader. This was even more defined when he was selected to lead a group of nine other Indians to lead as a decoy for an ambush. After he had successfully lead the solders five miles to the site, Crazy Horse was labeled as a leader. But he was yet in a position to influence the older leaders. With the whites moving in on the Black Hills in search for gold, they wanted to buy it from the Lakota people. Crazy Horse moved and set up camp around the area and led raids on the miners. With these attacks, the whites decided to build more forts in the Lakota area, and force all of the Lakota people into agencies. Crazy Horse and the people who had followed him believed that they had to drive out the whites, and that the buffalo would return. Sitting Bull was trying to gather all of the Lakota under a common banner. Crazy Horse moved his camp to his, and between their reputations, they had gathered the largest Lakota force in history.
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