The Journey of India Through History in The Argumentative Indian by Dr. Amartya Sen

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a discussion seeking to reach the truth between the proponent and the opponent's view; a 'vivaad' i.e. an argument seeking to push one's point of view over that held by the other; and lastly, a 'vitandavaad', which solely seeks to raze the opposing views, while offering them no other alternative system. In that sense, the book, “The Argumentative Indian” written by Dr. Amartya Sen, the Nobel laureate has been very appropriately titled and that through this he has unwittingly revealed his own views. The way the book moves ahead, are thoughts of an argumentative individual – propagating his own views but not searching for the truth.
This book discusses the journey of India from its history to the present identity in terms of the cultural traditions related to public debate that has impacted several aspects of the nation be it in terms of culture and other forms of diversity. The book consists of four sections having four essays each, "Voice and Heterodoxy", "Culture and Communication", "Politics and Protest" and “Reason and Identity" through which it tries to argue about the success of Indian democracy, secularism and politics, demographic inequalities in the community.
In the first section the author takes a trip through the general culture of pluralistic debate that existed within India, from that of Buddha to that dating back till the king Asoka. Sen describes on an affirmative note…
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