The Journey of Ty Cobb in Cobb by Al Stump Essay

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The book Cobb by Al Stump is a look into the late 19th century and early into the 20th through the eyes of Ty Cobb. The historical biography of Tyrus Raymond Cobb follows his path from classroom screwaraound and fighter to the greatest hitter to ever grace the major leagues. Ty Cobb. Growing up in Royston, GA, Cobb was the oldest of 3 siblings and the son of a schoolteacher, principal, newspaper publisher, state senator, and county school commissioner who wanted him to do nothing but study. Cobb didn’t listen, he practiced his way to making the bigs, shortly before leaving his dad told him {italicize} don’t return a failure. There was no looking back for the future Hall of Famer though. Ty Cobb was raised in a world very different from…show more content…
“An ugly man was ‘pig-face’ or ‘ratface.’ The Royston Rooster(Cobb) learned of a player’s weakness, and in a high screech made sure the crowd knew of it.”(82) By modern day’s courtesy standards Cobb would’ve been hit, fined, and booed into submission, but back in the day he was able to trudge on through any abuse he recieved. In the story Cobb influences a well renowned sports analysist by sending him letters from fake people, different addresses, and different handwriting styles. Over time and many letters stating how good Cobb was and how he was practically setting the world on fire there was nothing to do but note how good Cobb was in one of his articles. In the modern day one could pull up youtube and find out if the accusations were correct and if Cobb was found out he’d probably serve jail time. Back in the day he hardly recieved a slap on the wrist though. However the attention drawn by this article grabbed the Detroit Tigers association’s attention, which later led to Ty becoming their starting, hall of fame, centerfielder. Tyrus Raymond Cobb was an arrogant, rude, hostile young boy who blossomed into a talented, arrogant, rude, hostile man. Cobb would do anything to reach the top: beat up comparable players, jeer, and kick their legs into bloody masses of flesh. One cannot scoff at his skill and dedication though, in addition to him being dedicated enough to be the greatest player the game has ever seen, Ty became a captain in world war one
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