The Journey of an Orphan to a Young Woman

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The Journey of an Orphan to a Young Woman: Imagination is a companion that will always be there to ease up moments of despair in life. It gives hope that one day the possessions that the heart desires will be there not too far from reach, or to believe the cruel circumstances life brings upon us are instead moments of joy. L.M Montgomery demonstrates this skilfully in her work; Anne of Green Gables. The novel is about a lonely orphaned girl whose only friend is her imagination. Due to her imagination and the support of her new loving family, she grows into a bright and intelligent young woman who realizes the potential that life has for her and her tremendously creative mind. The experiences and expectations that are placed on the…show more content…
However these traits were what helped Anne “stand out” against all the other young behaved girls, she was different from them and this made her unique. She learned to accept her imperfections and turn them into talents instead. Identity is what every orphan yearns to have, since not belonging to anyone steals it away from them. Anne Shirley knew who her parents were, however not being raised by them she had no identity to be sure of. It was a taint on her that never left her alone. Due to these circumstances, the journey of Anne Shirley’s growth from a loud and obnoxious child to an elegant and sophisticated young women had many bumps in the road. A situation that portrays her obnoxious side would be not apologising to Mrs. Lynde and locking herself in the room. “"I shall have to stay here forever then," said Anne mournfully, "because I can't tell Mrs. Lynde I'm sorry I said those things to her. How can I? I'm NOT sorry. I'm sorry I've vexed you; but I'm GLAD I told her just what I did. It was a great satisfaction. I can't say I'm sorry when I'm not, can I? I can't even IMAGINE I'm sorry."” (Montgomery 85) Although it was her mistake to have such an outburst she still believes what she did was not wrong, and well deserved on Mrs. Lynde’s side. However, on the other hand the way she handles the accusation of stealing Marilla’s amethyst brooch is completely opposite. Although she has not stolen the brooch, she

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