The Joy Luck Club: A Fictional Narrative

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Chapter Four:

Another night of restless sleep. Will it ever end? Katie thought to herself.

It was Tyler’s normal routine to wake up at six and head to the gym inside the house. He was normally the only person up at this ungodly hour. As he headed down the hall, music was blasting. This music was exceptional different than what was normally heard blaring throughout the gym. The sound was coming from what sounded like a piano on a stereo. Tyler only knew of one person who would be up this early and working out to this genre of music. Coming to this conclusion, he instantly smiled.

When he entered the gym, he looked towards the very back. When Tyler had found out Katie danced almost every day, he had made her a personal studio at the back of the gym. There enough was Katie in the middle of the hardwood dance floor dancing.

It did not matter to Tyler that Katie was in a light blue
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Classical music did not look like him. Jackson liked classical, only because Katie constantly played it. She knew for a fact that Tyler did not like this genre of music. He was more of a rock person than classical.

“No, in fact, I can not stand classical music. It never stuck with me. I never got the whole picture. But watching you dance is calming enough to withstand the music. If it calms you, then it calms me.” Definitely not the answer Katie expected to come out of his mouth. So she started busting out laughing.

“Whatever you say, Mr. Player.” Katie knew he was just using his charm on her. She knew he hated it.

“Only for you, love.” Tyler turned around and started warming up with push ups.

Tyler noticed Katie walking over to the treadmills. She seemed to struggle with turning one of them on. It was quite comical to watch her face during this process. If only she knew how cute she looked to him at the
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