The Joy of Hunting Essay

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Hunting is a worldwide event that has taken place for hundred's of years and is still a popular trait that is being carried on in today's society by millions of people. Although many people all over the world have experienced the hunting tradition, there are still many people who have not had the chance to experience the thrill of hunting and the excitement that is involved. There are many situations caused by hunting that can give an individual an unequaled sensation caused by an adrenaline rush and I can relate in many ways from the past years of hunting since I was a child.

In my lifetime, I have had a great deal of experiences while hunting all different types of species, but the first adrenaline rush was when I was a
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I was up and ready in about five minutes and I felt like I was the greatest person alive, but as we both walked out the door and got in the truck, it started to rain very hard. My father then looks down upon me with a deep sad concern and said son I am sorry but we cannot hunt in this storm. I quickly ran inside crying my heart out because I was so mad at the world, for I was so ready for that day to come and it was ruined.

A whole other week went by until I could get ready to go again. The second attempt for the final day finally approached after what seemed like a year had passed. The morning came and I anxiously got ready again for the hunt I dreamed about forever. My father and I got to our hunting lease in Arkansas and quickly set up in a spot where we thought we would seek our prey. In a faraway distance, my father spotted two squirrels in a tree, so we both quietly snuck up on the two species and my father set me up in the right position to kill the squirrels. At that time, my heart started beating unbelievably fast and I felt like I had an abundant amount of energy. We quickly got in position for the kill of the two squirrels and I realized my whole body started to shake and it felt like it was impossible to hold my gun up to shoot. I immediately fired repetively at the two squirrels and finally made contact with one of them and it fell to the ground. I then started jumping for joy and was greatly amused with myself for killing my first
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