The Joys Of Distracted Driving

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Driving has been one of the most useful inventions that have been created since the 1930’s, but it hasn’t been until recently that it has become one of the most dangerous creations. We all are guilty of looking at our phone when we hear the buzz, or changing the song because it doesn’t meet your expectation. We are all lucky that when we cave into those negative behaviors that we are not the face on the news that was included in a five car pile-up on the freeway, but when we do see that on the new the most common thought is “That can’t happen to me”. Driving is an important skill that is learned in the teen years, but it shouldn’t be the only skill they learn. If we all want to have a safe ride to work, home, or just around the block, then the realization of not being the only person on the road becomes vital.
At the age of fifteen, you get invited to sit in a classroom and watch videos about speed limits, and parallel parking. These are still very important skills, but we should also learn about the consequences of playing your music too loud or eating food while driving. We should be learning to find that peaceful median
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The best way to help others to fight against distracted driving is to be completely up front about it; your life, the lives of the passengers and the other drivers on the road are all in your hands when you make the decision to get behind the wheel. It is basic psychology when it comes to the “Cause and Effect” method. When you touch fire, you get burned. The same thing is applied while driving; when you are driving distracted, accidents will happen and people get hurt. This shows how essential it is to get the message of how dangerous distracted driving can be, should be taught everywhere. If we start to live by this lesson earlier in life than the world and the streets we drive on will significantly safer than they are
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