The Joys Of Ffa

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The Joys of FFA Learning to Do, Doing to Learn, Earning to Live, Living to Serve. This is the motto of the very organization that I hold very close to me, and that has helped me make many memories in the process of being part of it. The FFA program started in the year of 1920 when a man named Henry Groseclose from Blacksburg, Virginia made the Future Farmers of Virginia: many states soon followed his lead and created their own Farming type groups (Confer pg1). In 1928, 18 states made the Future Farmers of America (Confer pg1). The colors of national blue and corn gold were adopted as the official FFA colors in the year of 1929 (Confer pg 1), and are still used today. In the year of 1933, Fredericktown, Ohio created the blue corduroy jacket with the FFA emblem on the back (Confer pg 1) that is part of the official dress of the FFA today. On a side note with the last fact I personally am very honored to be part of the chapter that created the FFA jacket and where it proudly every time I put it on. In the year of 1959, the FFA headquarters was established in the town of Alexandria, Virginia (Confer pg 2). Come 1969, women were allowed to join the FFA (Confer pg 2). My personal experience with the FFA has been a very enlightening one to say the least. My experiences take me from the classroom learning about the many agricultural practices, to the shop building projects, to the great outdoors for competitions, all the way to the Ohio State fairgrounds and Louisville Kentucky
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