The Joys of Traveling by Air

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The Joys of Traveling By Air With the various methods of travel nowadays, traveling by air is by far the most convenient and enjoyable method (Irony). The hours spent in the airport, waiting to get on board, are totally worth the gourmet plane food, the lazy-boy quality seats, and the spacious setting (Alliteration). On the day of your flight, it is highly recommended to arrive hours in advance for security purposes. This is entirely understandable because the heightened security is necessary to prevent any incidents such as the one five years ago known as 9-11. There is always the possibility a terrorist will hijack a plane using a knitting needle, pen knife, or other sharp object because potential hazardous objects are permitted on the…show more content…
The waiting area is heaven when comparing it to the option of sitting on the cardboard bench in your shack and having discussions with your family. With all the line waiting, convenient security checks, and more waiting; the airplane ride itself can be expected to be even more enjoyable. As you first make your way around the plane, attempting to locate your seat, remember that some people find it necessary to block the entire isle. If they can do it, I guess that means you should to because it's only the polite and decent thing to do. Not to worry; it typically takes a half an hour before the flight takes off so it is a way to pass the time by. Once everyone's settled, all cellular devices are off, because they're of great use with the many cell towers in the air, and the run way is clear, it's time for takeoff. You are quite snug with the passengers besides your seat, and if you're lucky, you may be able to smell their various odors. Another exciting part of flying by air is it is always a surprise to who you'll be seated next to. The passengers could vary from city folk, red necks, and middle-Eastern folk. Personally, it is enjoyable to be seated next to a middle-Eastern because it adds a sense of hospitality and relaxation during the flight. As the flight continues, the stuartess is finally
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