The Judge Palmer Essay

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The Judge The Judge is a movie about a son, Hank Palmer, who is a cocky lawyer from Indiana but moved to Chicago to escape his family. He goes back to Indiana for his mother’s funeral and ends up defending his father in court. His father, Judge Palmer, is accused of a hit-and-run death of a plaintiff whom appeared in his court room on charges. Judge Palmer has three sons, Hank, Glen, and Dale. Hank Palmer is a Chicago lawyer as I mentioned earlier. Glen Palmer is married with two sons and owns an auto mechanic shop. Dale Palmer has a mental illness and tends to act child-like. I used concepts and terms from chapter two to analyze each of the main characters and the movie as a whole. Chapter two explains how communication and self-analysis works…show more content…
His appearance will show that he is well put together and casual. Judge Palmer’s mood and appearance differs depending on his social environment. His mood is always angry, aggressive, and hard core. He chose to show another identity when he was able to meet his granddaughter for the first time. Judge Palmer was affectionate, loving, and patient when he met his granddaughter, and it was much unexpected to Hank. He is intelligent but his illness is causing him to lose his memory. He sets the tone of the atmosphere in any room he steps in, his demeanor can be intimidating. He is well respected by the citizens of the small town he resides in. The social traits he displays to the community is friendly but with his sons he is serious and has no tact. He truly believes in respect and the law. Judge Palmer physical condition is unhealthy and weak, because he has been diagnosed with cancer. Judge Palmer’s identity management is he only wants people to see the face he wants to show. The face he wants to show to the public is he is not weak, he is strong. He sees himself as a respected man of the law and wants to die without people knowing he has cancer. Judge Palmer’s self-concept is if the community knows he has cancer and it has affected his memory lost, he will appear weak to them. Judge Palmer only self-disclose his sickness to Hank because he trusted him to keep the information private. Judge Palmer believes not
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