The Judgement At Nuremberg Essay

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The Judgement at Nuremberg is a good example of realism, liberalism and how global politics works. Although there was hope in the film that the sentences were going to be upheld due to the lack of legitimacy the German government did not keep the American sentences for the judges. Yet this is an example of how the structure of Global politics was at play then and today. The structure of global politics is fairly weak because there is no central world government to enforce rulings or laws. However, as we have learned there are three characteristics that are always at play with the international laws. Such as, obligation, precision, and delegation. In the film it showed the low obligation to upholding the judges sentences because in just a few years they were released by the German government. With precision there was low ambiguity so the courts and nations understood the rulings. Lastly, delegation, which was supposed to be upheld by the German government, yet this failed due to the fact that the trial was held in an American court. So as we can see the structure of global politics is up to the nations digression to uphold the rulings of another court. In terms of whether this is realism or if it is liberalism, there is strong evidence that this is a situation of realism.…show more content…
In the film, the rulings were set forth by an American judge. Its odd that no other country had a say in the trials or in the verdict due to the fact that American is apart of the permeate five and could gain from these trials. When the general stated that the rulings would not stand due to American needing the Germans is a great example of why all politics is power politics. A state will do what they need to to gain more power by any means. The idea of power politics shows that not only is the global structure greedy but

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