The Judgement Skills You Have The Awareness Of Environment, Group, And Yourself

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4. Under the judgement skills you have the awareness of environment, group, and yourself. These come into play when you are out in the field and need to asses situations as well as understand different peoples decision making process. Usually awareness comes from the observation of what’s going on around you and from there you can act accordingly. Environment is your surroundings, groups consist of the people who are around you, and self speaks about your own capabilities, thoughts, biases, as well as current well-being. You need to be observant of all three and be able to process and filter relevant information. Alex Kosseff said, “The leader who focuses on a known set of concerns (or gets excessively drawn into one issue) is more likely…show more content…
I really had to look as myself and decide if I was doing the best thing for the group, or myself. It’s really easy to make snap judgments (or be selfish) on what you want to do, but talking to the group openly gave me insight on the others opinions. The trail was in good condition, we were all staying hydrated and even though it was warm, it wasn’t unbearable. Most of the group was in good spirits, and maybe seemed a little annoyed about her complaining so much. After we talked about our options and almost turned back, she spoke up, refusing to stop. After we had that talk and almost turned around I think it really hit her that she wasn’t going to travel all this way to give up. We continued taking breaks on our hike, but our spirits were a lot better. I noticed that the group really perked up and started to pull together and get to the top as a team. Needless to say we made it to the top and everyone was ecstatic about completing their goal. This was a huge challenge for her to overcome, but after observing the problems and bringing it out in the open and discussing it, we were able to become even stronger and complete our objectives. 5. The bear story was a great example of different decision making processes. Whether it’s a micro or major decision they need to be carefully thought out to ensure everyone is safe and to remain in control of the situation. Micro
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